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Volunteers Of The “Poruch” Union Delivered Humanitarian Cargo To The Front-line Villages Of The Donetsk Region

Volunteers of the “Poruch” union delivered humanitarian cargo to the front-line villages of the Donetsk region


These days, the volunteer union “PORUCH” made a trip to the settlements of the Donetsk region, where fierce battles are currently taking place. Philanthropists delivered desperately needed food, generators, medicine, hygiene, goodies and toys for children to people in the frontline villages.

“This is our first humanitarian mission in 2023,” says Rusana Sharlai, the organizer of the Charitable Foundation “Volunteer Union “PORUCH”. – This time we visited de-occupied settlements directly near the front line. These are Kramatorsk, Liman, Yampil. In one of these villages, our team had to spend the night under the sound of artillery. However, explosions always accompanied us. So we don’t even pay attention to them anymore,” said Rusana.

According to her, such humanitarian missions are possible thanks to donations and support from ordinary people and sponsors.
“Together with our partners MSI GAMING UKRAINE, we purchased a truck and are now ready to travel to the East more. We called for help. During January, everyone brought warm things, sweets, gifts for children, food. Thanks to donations, we bought candles, matches, batteries, citrus fruits, milk, batteries, fuel, canisters, wet wipes and much more,” said the volunteer.

Unfortunately, there are still children in war zones. Volunteers cannot take them out without parental consent. But they can bring rays of the sun and small joys into their lives – toys and goodies, sweets.

For three days, a team of volunteers from the PORUCH union was on the front line. Just three days is a drop in the ocean compared to the time spent there by local residents. They still have no electricity, water, or communication, people live in basements, under constant shelling.

Volunteers plan to systematically travel to war zones and de-occupied territories. Anyone willing to help and support “PORUCH” can do so on the union’s website or social networks.

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