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Victoria Nuland And Bridget Brink Supported Ukrainian Volunteers

Victoria Nuland and Bridget Brink supported Ukrainian volunteers

US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland and US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink visited the Volunteer Union “PORUCH” as part of their two-day visit to Kyiv. The charitable organization provides assistance to Ukrainians affected by the war and is a partner of the UN Refugee Agency in Kyiv.

During the meeting, Victoria Nuland and Brigitte Brink not only got to know the team of “PORUCH” volunteers personally and expressed their support to them, but also joined the work of the organization. In particular, the delegation got to the volunteer headquarters in PORUCH-SPACE during free classes held for displaced children from the war zone and occupation.
PORUCH-SPACE is a project to provide psychological support, help with socialization and adaptation to children from the war zone and occupation. The “PORUCH” team of volunteers constantly conducts free creative circles for the young generation. Choreography, sports, journalism, English and even art therapy – everything to help children affected by the war to restore their psychological state and find friends in a new city.

In addition, Victoria Nuland and Bridget Brink joined creative activities. In particular, together with children who were forced to move from Druzhkivka, Kharkiv, Kherson and Severodonetsk, they created traditional Ukrainian Motanka dolls. On this day, during the lesson, the children made patriotic charms for the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so they did not leave the foreign guests without gifts and handed them dolls made by themselves as a souvenir.

During the visit, respected political figures not only saw and got to know the work of the “PORUCH” Voluntary Union, but also had a friendly conversation with the children and supported them in this difficult time. Such moments of happiness and smiles for children are of incredible value in wartime.

We would like to add that the Voluntary Union “PORUCH” is supported by the UN Refugee Agency together with KrymSOS partners and helps in the purchase of furniture and equipment for activities with children.

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