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American Journalist Joshua Yaffa Gave Interviews And Advice To Ukrainian Teenagers

American journalist Joshua Yaffa gave interviews and advice to Ukrainian teenagers

Volunteers of the PORUCH Union invited the well-known military correspondent Joshua Jaffa to talk with displaced children in the free PORUCH-SPACE circles.

The association “PORUCH” is not only about entertainment! Volunteers always take care of the development and motivation of their pupils. Meetings are arranged for young people, where they can learn something useful and get valuable advice.

“First you need to read a lot in order to write well in the future” – was the first message from Joshua Jaffa.

In the future, he recommended that teenagers read the works of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Orwell for comprehensive development and inspiration. He also talked about how to be a military correspondent, write a book, create materials for “The New Yorker”.

Participants of the Speaking Club and Journalism circles joined the event. Young boys and girls had the opportunity to communicate with a native speaker and receive advice on new trends in media development, skills for journalistic work. And this is extremely important to our media people. After all, they already have journalistic experience – publishing their first own newspaper. The guest received it as a gift. And, of course, novice journalists did not miss the opportunity to interview Joshua Jaffa.


“The first article where I was noticed and I proved my potential was in 2014. At that time, I did not plan to become a war correspondent. I wrote a text about a Russian soldier. It was, in a way, a mini-detective about how a Russian soldier ended up in Ukraine. After all, at that time, Russia denied the conflict with your state,” the journalist said.

The event was held in the format of an open dialogue. So speaking club members had the opportunity to communicate directly with a native speaker and practice English. The meeting was productive and our teenagers really liked it. They listened with great interest to the guest’s instructions, which will help them build their own path of success in the future.

We invite your children to visit our circles in the space NEAR SPACE. Here they can have a great time, develop and make new friends!

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